Tewkesbury Data Recovery

Data Recovery Tewkesbury: We have been dealing with the data recovery needs of the businesses and domestic users of Tewkesbury and Gloucestershire for over 16 years and in that time we have successfully recovered the data from many thousands of hard drives, external hard disk drives, RAID servers, mass storage devices, network assisted storage (NAS) devices, ‘virtual clusters’, mainframes, bespoke manufacturing systems such as the IBM AS/400 and USB-connectable devices such as memory sticks and memory cards. To find out how we can help recover your data and for a no obligation quote call our engineering team today on 0117 3321137.

If you are looking at this page then the chances are you have been the victim of an itinerant hard drive or other storage device and you are in need of a data recovery company who can retrieve your data quickly, successfully and cost effectively. And if that is the case then look no further, our data recovery Tewkesbury engineers offer the premier data recovery service in your area and do so using the most up-to-date technology as well as our own unique recovery methods that allow for the recovery of data from systems whose manufacturers say are beyond recovery.

If you had been asked prior to the failure of your hard drive what you feared most happening from an IT point of view you would no doubt have said losing your data. The problem with hard drives and their counterpart storage devices though is that they tend to fail when you least (a) want them to, (b) expect them to and (c) normally between backups. Our data recovery Tewkesbury engineers are often called upon to retrieve data that has been rendered inaccessible in between backups because the device in questions has failed without any warning.

Our hard disk recovery methods use forensic computing and reverse engineering in part and enable us to make images of the data that needs to be retrieved and this allows us to work with the data directly, increasing the chances of recovery greatly, giving us the edge over many of the other data recovery companies in the Tewkesbury and Gloucestershire area.

Can I use my data straightaway after it has been recovered?

Yes you can; once our data recovery Tewkesbury engineers have recovered the data and returned it to you on whatever media you choose it is ready for you to pick up where you left off and in doing so this helps to cut down the amount of time spent away from the business or running your business, ensuring that your customers are catered for along the way.

Call us today on 0117 3321137 if your hard drive or other such storage device has left you without access to the data you need. A member of our data recovery Tewkesbury team will talk you through the options that are open to you depending on your budget and timescale for recovery and will also provide you with a no obligation quotation (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage). If you are happy for us to continue then we ask that you send the affected drive or storage device to us here at our data recovery centre (we only need the drive to work from as we make images of the data so there is no need to send us the entire system). You can do this using the post office, courier or deliver it personally if you are in the locale.

Once the drive has been sent to us our data recovery Tewkesbury engineers will make a final diagnosis of the problem and report back with their findings via email. The email that you will receive by way of correspondence will detail all of the data that can be recovered (if the data to be recovered is in excess of 30GBs it may be necessary for you to purchase an external storage device from our stocks). If you are happy for us to finalise the recovery we ask that you make payment to us directly by BACS or debit/credit card and having received payment we will then return your data to you on its new media by next day courier. For more information on how we can recover your data and for a no obligation quote why not call us today on 0117 3321137 and speak to a member of our data recovery team – our lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm as is our data recovery centre (Christmas Day and Easter excepted).