RAID Recovery Bristol – Reuniting You With Your Data

RAID recovery Bristol can be very different to recovering data from a regular piece of hardware. Generally they are seen as a more reliable computer data storage system, especially if you are using RAID 1 or RAID 5 as they will store your data on multiple drives to protect you from single disk failure. If you have RAID 1, all data will be stored on two drives whereas if you have RAID 5, each file will be split between many physical drives. This is designed purely for redundancy purposes, so that if one disk fails, you can still access your data. In fact, if you are using RAID you may feel so secure that you do not bother to run backups. This would be a mistake. If more than one disk fails, you will lose access to your data so it is vital that you maintain this system as you would any other. When you need the best Data Recovery Bristol we can help.

RAID systems are specifically designed to cope with large volumes of traffic. This can mean that they are more prone to hardware problems. This also means that they are more commonly used by businesses who have multiple users

accessing the mirrored data on the RAID drives. Of course, if RAID failure occurs within a business then the consequences can be drastic, particularly if all your work force use this drive. In that scenario you need RAID recovery as soon as possible to minimise the loss of money and time for you and your employees and your IT department may attempt ‘hot swapping’. This involves removing a defunct hard drive from a RAID array without forcing the entire workforce to log out. However, although this is a viable troubleshooting method it is possible that the disk will not mount properly. If this occurs, you will be looking to call in RAID recovery Bristol professionals as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Specialist Data Recovery

Most companies that utilise RAID will have an IT department that are able to rebuild the system when necessary. This will usually happen when you experience drive failure and need to replace the existing faulty drives with new ones. If your RAID array does not support ‘hot swapping’ then the server will need to be powered down one drive at a time and then built. It is a delicate and complex process and not always successful, through no fault of the administrators working on it. Sometimes the process will fail after a few percent, although sometimes it will appear to be successful only for the RAID server to refuse to boot up. However, all is not lost. Our RAID recovery Bristol firm have specialists who are experts in recovering data from failed RAID reboots, and have a very high success rate.

We understand the problems that a business can suffer from technological failure. Not only does it cost you time and money, but also the stress of wondering if you will ever be able to salvage that data. Our RAID recovery Bristol firm operates a critical service alongside our standard timescale, which aims to get your data back to you within a day. As soon as you telephone you will be able to speak to a professional who can in most cases diagnose the issue over the phone and issue you with a quote on the spot with no hidden charges. Our customer service is very important to us, and we will keep you informed throughout the process so that you have understand what we are doing and what stage we are at. Once the data is recovered, we will send you screenshots and a listing so you can check it is all present and correct.

Problems with RAID servers can occur for any number of reasons, for example, an electronic failure, an unsuccessful rebuild, mechanical failings or a problem with the printed circuit board (PCB). We are familiar with multiple RAID systems, for example IBM, HP Proliant, Compaq and Dell PowerEdge. We are also equipped to deal with all the RAID configurations, although we specialise in RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5. We treat all your data as confidential and ensure it is stored securely whilst we have possession of it. As such, if you are experiencing any issues with your RAID technology you will want to consider using us. We consider ourselves to be the leading RAID recovery Bristol firm in the UK. Why not telephone us today to speak to an experienced specialist about your RAID problems and receive a no obligation quote for your work.