Hard Drive Recovery Bath – Bristol Data Recovery’s experienced engineers can deal with any hard drive failure! Recover your crucial data today!

Unfortunately hard drive failure is something that is likely to strike all computer users at one time or another and as such our hard drive recovery Bath engineers are on hand to help you recover your data quickly and efficiently and with the minimal loss of data (if any). We offer our clients the opportunity to avail of three different levels of data recovery; standard, express and critical – each one designed to suit your different budgetary and timescale requirements.

Our hard drive recovery Bath personnel are on hand Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm to offer you the premier data recovery service in and around the Bath area and can also help if you have a RAID server setup in your workplace that has failed – or is likely to fail – after the installation of a new drive. Our data recovery service is second to none and we pride ourselves on being able to recover thousands of terabytes of data annually from a variety of hard drives, external hard drives, solid state drives and other storage devices that have unexpectedly failed.

The best data recovery service in the UK – No fix, no fee!

It may sound like a contradiction in terms but hard drives can both suffer from freezing and problems with ‘warm booting’. Both are perfectly viable and often our hard drive recovery Bath engineers are told that such events have occurred prior to a fail when it comes to an internal hard drive. A ‘warm boot’ best sums up the sudden restart of a computer without user intervention when the user will find that the task they were in the middle of has suddenly failed and the computer is restarting of its own accord. Similarly a sudden freeze is when the computer ceases to function without allowing the user the opportunity to do anything including save or close a document or file. Both can have damaging effects on the internal hard drive, leading to issues with head and spindle damage, platter misalignment or the snapping of the actuator arm.

If you have experience problems similar to those listed above the likelihood is you will need the help of a professional data recovery firm. With that said our hard drive recovery Bath service offers you the best chance of making a full data recovery and at best only losing the drive on which it was saved. Call us today on 0117 3702987 and speak to an engineer about the problems you are having. They will be able to offer you an initial assessment of the situation as well as a no obligation quote covering the cost of recovering the data to a new storage device. (An extra charge may be applicable if the drive has suffered mechanical damage which may make recovery not impossible but more difficult).

If happy with the quote we ask that you send the drive to us. You can do this by post (registering the item is preferred for your peace of mind) or by courier. Drop the drive into our hard drive recovery Bath centre if you live or work nearby. An engineer will carry out a full appraisal and provide you with an email that details exactly what data can be recovered (generally all of it). If this meets with your approval we ask that you make payment to us via credit card/debit card or BACS transfer and once the data is recovered we will return it to you via next day courier. Our hard drive recovery Bath centre number is 0117 3702987 and we are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, with engineers on hand waiting to answer your queries.