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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from Windows PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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PC Data Recovery – Common Failures:

PC require data recovery when the hard drive inside the main PC Unit fails. The failure of the PC Hard drive can occur for a variety of different reasons, including software and hardware failure. A software failure is when a hard drive is making the PC run very slowly and freezing the computer, or if the PC cannot boot into windows to let you logon, or you cannot copy or write data to the hard drive. A hardware failure is when the hard drive is not getting recognised by the PC when it attempts to boot and does not get past the bios screen, or if the PC hard drive is making clicking or beeping noise when PC is switched on or there is any fire or water damage to the PC. Below is a list of problems we receive in for recovery on a daily basis:

PC Hardware or Mechanical Damage:

PC mechanical damage is when the PC hard drive has physical problems with the components inside the hard drive casing. Examples of components failure is problems with the read/write head assembly (clicking noises), problems with the hard drive motor (beeping or bussing noises), problems with the disk platters (screeching or scratching noises). We use the latest data recovery hardware and software solutions to recover PC hard drives from these type of problems.

PC Hard Drive Electronic PCB Failure:

PC electronic PCB failure is when there is a fault with the hard drive PCB. The PCB is an electronic board on the back of the hard drive that allows it to start up, get recognised etc. This board can either have software faults where the firmware code of the hard drive gets corrupted or chip components get burned out on the PCB due to power surges/spikes etc. When a chip gets burned out on a PCB the board needs to be replaced or the chips replaced on original board. We carry the largest PCB stock in the UK (15,000 parts and growing) to use for data recovery, these parts are exclusive to our clients.

PC Hard Drive Firmware Failures:

PC hard drives use a software program called firmware to enable them to run as they should. Sometimes this software gets corrupted and needs to be rewritten to where the firmware is located, this is either the hard drive platters or the firmware is stored on a micro chip on the PCB board. We use the latest firmware equipment on the market to recover data from firmware damaged hard drives.

PC is Freezing or is Running Very Slowly:

PC freezing up when you are using it is a sign that the hard drive is deteriorating and probably will end up in the PC not been able to boot up at all. A PC running slowly is another sign that the hard disk is deteriorating. When either of these two things start happening your PC the best advice is to contact us ASAP. The hard drive deteriorating means that the sectors on the hard drive are not getting read correctly. If you have this problem we use the latest hard drive sector imaging machines to image your hard drive and process all data from the sectors to give you the best chance of getting as much data from the hard drives as possible.

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