Cheltenham Data Recovery

Data Recovery Cheltenham: Hard drives, external hard disk drives, network assisted storage (NAS), mass storage devices, RAID servers, mainframes, Windows-based PCs, laptops, Macs – our engineers are able to recover data from all of the aforementioned plus a wide range of other storage devices that may suddenly refuse you access to your data. For more information and a no obligation quote call our team today on 0117 3321137.

When it comes to using computers there are many things that users are not particularly clued in on. Our data recovery Cheltenham engineers do not see this as a bad thing because for many computer users the computer is simply a means to an end, a way in which to get a specific set of things done throughout the day at work or a tool to be user to help with the production of coursework at home.

It can be the case sometimes that your computer will develop a fault through no fault of yours as the user and the end result is, if not dealt with promptly, that the hard drive or other relevant storage device fails and is no longer accessible. Our data recovery Cheltenham engineers are asked regularly to help deal with situations arising from these circumstances and it can be that the data on the drive is still there but is either (a) no longer visible or (b) no longer accessible.

Sometimes the problem arises from itinerant software that will make changes to how your operating system functions thus not allowing for the hard drive to respond in the way it should. On other occasions it may be that the hard drive itself has developed a hardware or firmware fault which results in its failure to respond correctly. General wear and tear features heavily when it comes to retrieving data using our bespoke hard drive recovery techniques; some components within the drive will simply no longer function because of old age.

Can you tell me how long my hard drive should last?

’How long should a hard drive last?’ is a question our data recovery Cheltenham engineers are asked often but the truth is there is no definitive answer to the question in the same way there is no real answer to how long a television set should last? The truth of it is there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration that may apply to one hard drive but not another – are the components used in the manufacture of the drive up to standard, is the computer being allowed enough ‘downtime’ (i.e. is it being left on all the time even whilst not in use) and more recently is my operating system compatible with the drive I’m using?

If you have been or are experiencing difficulties with your hard drive and need the services of a premier data recovery service call our data recovery Cheltenham engineers today on 0117 3321137 and speak to a member of our team who will be able to provide you with both an initial assessment of the situation and a no obligation quote (the quote may contain an additional charge if the drive has suffered a mechanical failure). If you are happy that we can recover your data we ask that you send the affected drive to us at our data recovery Cheltenham and Gloucestershire centre. You can do this using the Royal Mail (although we would suggest that you register or record the sending of your package as we cannot be held responsible for the loss of your data whilst in transit), courier or deliver it in person if you live or work near to us.

When we have taken receipt of the affected drive (we only need the storage device and not the entire computer system) our data recovery Cheltenham engineers will diagnose the fault and report back to you via email with our findings plus a list of all the data that can be recovered successfully (if the data exceeds more than 30GBs we ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stock) and if you are happy to continue we ask that you make payment to us in full via BACS or credit/debit card. Once the payment has been received we will recover your data as initially listed to its new medium and return it to you via next day courier service. For more information on how we can retrieve your lost or inaccessible data call us today on 0117 3321137; our telephone lines and data recovery centre are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (excluding Easter and Christmas).