Case Studies

Case Studies

We have helped a wide range of clients over the last 15 years and reasons as to the whys and wherefores of the loss of their data. To that end we have a broad knowledge of problems relating to data recovery as our case studies show.
Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Dell PowerEdge Raid 5 Server Failure

PowerEdge RAID 5


Dell PowerEdge Raid 5 server had 3 failed rebuilds. Server had a problem over weekend and contained 7 disks. One disk went down and the hot spare kicked in. The server performed a rebuild which seemed to run correctly. After rebuild had completed server failed to boot up and reported another failed disk. IT Administrator of company replaced the disk and started another rebuild. This time the rebuild failed at 78% and reported another disk failure. IT Administrator replaced failed disk and started another rebuild. This time rebuild only got to 6% and failed. System will not boot and does not give any options. Server was used as a file server and contained Company’s Exchange and CRM SQL database plus all documents relating to the running of the business.

Our Solution

We received in 7 original disks and 2 replacement disks for server. Client booked this job in as a critical service as the business could not run without the data. We imaged 7 disks within 8 hours and performed a platter swap procedure on the 2 original disks that failed on the raid system, the platter swap procedure imaged both disks 100%. As there had been several failed rebuilds we had to recode and recompile some of the raid data which is a Raid service we specialise in. Data was recoded and recompiled within 48 hours. Data was with client within 35 hours. All data was recovered and was a full recovery.

* Bristol Data Recovery always work with images of hard drives, this ensures the integrity of the original hard drives.

Case Study 2:

Buffalo Linkstation Not Booting Up

Buffalo Linkstation


A local graphics company in Bristol used a 4 2tb disks Raid 0 Buffalo LinkStation to store all their clients work. The system was crashing the last few weeks but could be rebooted and data accessed without any problems. One day the system could not be accessed and there was 2 red lights on front of Buffalo LinkStation indicating that 2 disks had failed. Client contacted Buffalo support who got them to download and install a firmware update for the LinkStation NAS system but did not work.

Our Solution

We received in the Buffalo system and diagnosed the 4 drives, two of the drives that failed had millions of bad sectors. We put these 2 hard drives onto an imaging system and imaged all the sectors from the hard drives. We also imaged the 2 hard drives from the 2 working hard drives. We need processed the Raid 0 system and extracted and backed up the data to a new 3tb External Hard Drive. 100% recovery rate and completed on our standard service within 3 days.

* We completed the above job within 72 hours, we have 5 years experience in recovering from Buffalo External Drives.

Case Study 3:

Wedding Shoot Memory Card Failure

Memory Card


A local Photographer had a wedding shoot and stored the wedding pictures onto 4 x 16gb San Disk memory cards. Once he got back to the office she tried to upload the pictures onto their iMac to start the editing process. Unfortunately 2 of the cards did not get recognised by the iMac. The photographer tried the cards in several computers and also in the camera but they would not get recognised. Photographer took cards to Jessops and to a local PC shop but they could not do anything with the 2 cards.

Our Solution

We received in the 2 damaged memory card and diagnosed then as having a mechanical fault. The card were not reading the memory chips correctly that contained the data. We removed the chips from the camera PCB and read the chip contents in a chip reader. We processed the data from both cards for a full recovery.
* We are only one of a few companies within the UK who can remove and read and extract memory chips data.

Why Choose Bristol Data Recovery?

  • Fixed pricing on recovery (You know what you are paying - no nasty surprises).
  • Quick recovery turnaround at no extra cost. (Our average recovery time is 2 days).
  • Memory card chip reading services (1st in the UK to offer this service).
  • Raid recoding service (Specialist service for our business customers who have suffered a failed server rebuild).
  • Our offices are 100% UK based and we never outsource any recovery work.
  • Strict Non-disclosure privacy and security is 100% guaranteed.