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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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Hard Disk Failure

A hard disk can fail for different reasons including mechanical failure (parts inside hard disk casing have become damaged such as a faulty hard disk motor, read/write heads or disk platter damage). Electronic failure is when the circuit chips on the PCB – printed circuit board have burned out. Firmware failure is when the factory firmware code on hard disk has become corrupted. Software failure is when the disk platters can not be read correctly from your hard disk and the result is your PC or Mac not booting up correctly or freezing when your PC or Mac is powered up. Below is more details on these hard disk problems:

Hard Disk Physical or Mechanical Failure

Mechanic/Physical failure is when moving parts inside the hard disk get damaged or stop working due to a fault or wear and tear. Common mechanical hard disk problems include seized motors, clicking read/write heads, damage to surface of disk platters etc. If you have a buzzing, beeping or clicking hard disk or your hard disk has taken a knock or fall please contact us today for a quote. We are experts on recovering data from this type of problem.

Hard Disk has been Reinstalled, Reformatted or Files Deleted

Hard disk drives get reformatted by mistake and is a very common problem. Hard disks can also get an operating system reinstalled only to realise after the event that there is no backup of the data. Another common problem is deleting files into the recycle bin or trash only to realise that the copy you thought you had is missing or corrupt. Our hard disk recovery experts have 15 years experience in recovering data.

Hard Disk Electronic Issues

The electronics getting blown on a hard disk is a common problem. A wrong power supply with a different voltage can be plugged into a laptop, notebook or external drive and blow or burn out the microchips on a system very easily. Each hard disk has a PCB circuit board. These PCB circuit boards are prone to faults due to wear and tear, power spikes and power surges. The normal result of an electronic failure is a burning smell or a completely dead hard disk.

Hard Disk Firmware Issues

Hard Disk firmware code is located on the PCB circuit board or on disk platters. The hard disk firmware code runs the hard disk and tells the PC or Mac what is model, capacity etc of hard disk. Like all software it is prone to getting corrupted. If you have a firmware problem with your hard disk contact us today. as we have a large firmware database for all hard disk manufacturers.

Hard Disk Freezing PC or Mac

When a hard disk is running slow, does not shut down operating system correctly or freezes your PC or Mac then it indicates a problem with your hard disk. If this problem occurs we recommend rebooting your computer and run the operating system repair utility to fix any problems. It you still have problems our advice is copy the data from hard disk immediately. If you cannot copy data from hard disk then call us for advice on what the problem might be.

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