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Recover Lost Files with Fujitsu Data Recovery


I am using a Fujitsu Lifebook Laptop, which I use regularly for business meetings and for social hobbies, too. However, in recent weeks, I have noticed that the fan inside the laptop is starting to struggle. This is connected with an overheating issue which is plaguing the system. I am not able to recover the computer after the computer overheats, and it will shut down without warning, and stay inoperable for several hours. As I use this for important business data, the sudden shutting down is a serious issue, and I have started using another computer in order to make sure that my system is fully protected. This is a desktop and therefore does not allow me as much freedom as the laptop does. The major problem is that I have not been able to recover the system immediately after shut down, and this means that projects I am working on tend to disappear by the time I have started the laptop up again. I am thinking that at least some of the lost data in the computer is connected to the hard drive, can this lost data be recovered?


I bought a Fujitsu Laptop, and used it for a while to store data on and do other tasks. After a while, I wanted to upgrade the RAM inside it so that it could hold more data for me. I had been using it mainly for work, so the data on the hard drive was very important to me. I read very carefully around the subject, and bought only as many sticks of RAM as the system could hold. I placed it in there, as I thought correctly, and then tried to boot it up. The RAM was initially detected in BIOS, but when it went to the Windows Loading page, there was nothing. I decided to return the RAM to its original position, and now I cannot even get into BIOS. All I get is a blank screen with a single cursor at the top.

Recover Lost Files with Fujitsu Data Recovery

One of the worst things about the high level of computer use, both in business and in everyday life, is that when a computer becomes unusable, or the disk becomes damaged, then data can be lost. However there is a long history of recovering data from damaged disks and we have been part of that. We have spent the last 14 years expanding our skills and experience and developing various different tools and methods to recover data from inaccessible drives. Internal disk drives continue to be developed further and so we continually update our recovery skills to keep pace with this development. Therefore if you have a drive that you can no longer access you would be well-advised to give us a call before you attempt any form of self-recovery of a drive.

If you are wondering why you should call us before you do anything it is because we are able to put you in touch with an expert in recovery of data from Fujitsu drives to give you the best chance of recovering all of your inaccessible data. You can speak with one of our Fujitsu recovery engineers in order to get a diagnosis of what the problem is most likely to be with your drive so that you can take the most appropriate action. The advice that you get from our engineers is free so it is worth making the call even if you don’t go on to use our services. However, we offer you the opportunity to get a quote for the cost and timescale to get your drive recovered by our experts during your phone consultation. Our costs are highly competitive compared to other data recovery companies, but you will find that our standard of service is second to none.

We have a great deal of experience in recovering data from Fujitsu drives and have recovered data from internal drives that include the MJA2250BH, MHV2120BH, MHY2250BH, MHV2080BH and MHW2080BH to name but a few of the drives that we have worked on successfully.

There is a wide range of problems that can be seen in a hard drive that will limit the accessibility to the data that is stored there, or will corrupt that data stored there as well. Data problems can be due to user error. For example if you accidentally delete files, either through the normal deletion process or through the formatting of the drive, this would be user error or it should be relatively straightforward to retrieve these files. There are also a number of other errors that can cause limited access to data that can include physical damage to the hard drive that can be caused by firmware problems that lead to mechanical damage of the disk, damage due to the exposure of the disk to extreme temperatures, corruption caused by the exposure of the disk to an electrical spikes and finally the damage that can be caused to files should the system become infected with a computer virus.