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Bring Your Memories Back With Memory Card Recovery


I have a Sandisk memory card which I use with a digital camera. I have recently taken a lot of photographs with the camera, and I can still see them in this medium. However, when I came to download the pictures, the camera firstly did an initial read, and then tried to identify the ‘drive’, as it called the card. It started to download the files, but was soon reporting that the process would take around 22 hours. I thought that was unusually long, and as I watched the process, I saw that the computer was downloading files very slowly indeed. I watched the process, and decided to view the first few pictures which had been downloaded. They were not accessible, and I cannot view the card, since it is greyed out. I stopped the process, and took the card to a laptop, trying to download the pictures onto this system. The download was faster, but when I tried to click on each file to view the picture, it instead turned into a single .txt file which can’t be opened.


I have a memory card which I use with a camera, which then connects to a computer to allow me to download photos. This week, I was doing the usual download, when I saw that quite a lot of the photographs appear to have vanished from the card. As I watched the download, I saw that the files were appearing for a few seconds, and then vanishing. I took the card from the camera and put it into a reader, and then looked at the folder in Properties. When I opened some of the files, I saw that, rather than new photographs, my card seems to have a lot of old pictures on it which I had previously deleted. I can’t find the new photographs at all, their files appear to have been replaced by these old files. I can’t imagine how this has happened, it seems as though the computer has downloaded to the card, rather than taking pictures from it. I really need to get the new pictures from the card, without doing any more damage to the files.

Bring Your Memories Back With Memory Card Recovery

Memory cards continue to advance quickly both in terms of their size and weight, but also in the amount of data that they are able to store. This makes them the perfect choice to use as camera media storage, music storage for phones and general data transfer devices. Not only are the storage limits growing larger on almost a daily basis, the technology is also very cheap so you can easily place large amounts of data and information onto a single memory card. While these technologies are generally very reliable it can be a stressful time if they become inaccessible for some reason as they can store literally hundreds of photos and songs, but also large quantities of other data that you might be transferring between systems or to a meeting.

Memory cards are particularly vital to the work of a professional photographer. If a card becomes inaccessible before you have downloaded your images you could potentially lose hundreds of pounds worth of photos, and your client could potentially have lost photos that will remind them of a special occasion that will never be repeated.

There are a number of reasons why a memory card may become inaccessible so that you can no longer get to the files on there. Memory cards are so small and the contacts so delicate that it can be relatively easy to damage them so that they no longer make a full connection with either the camera or phone that they are being used in, or perhaps in the card reader that you use in order to download the files to another type of device. It can also be very easy to accidentally format the card without really meaning to so that files that have not been transferred onto another system are deleted from the card.

Sometimes the problem with the memory card is very easy to spot and to know what the required course of action is in order to be able to access the data again. In other cases it may not be clear at all and so you may find yourself stuck and mourning the loss of your data. All is not lost though because you can give our experts a call and find out what we can do for you. A phone call to one of our memory card data recovery experts will not cost you anything other than a little of your time and we will be able to give you a diagnosis of the problem over the phone. We can also provide you with the options that are available to you so that you can recover the data that is on your memory card.

Although there are sometimes options to recover data yourself, if the memory card housing is broken or the contacts are damaged it is a good idea to send it to us as we have many years of experience in recovering data from memory cards and so will have the best chance of fully recovering all of your data from your card.