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Professional Gateway Data Recovery


I am trying to boot up an old Gateway 500 which has been in a box for some time. It was tightly sealed in the box, so it has not been affected by damp, and there is not much dust. The computer was put into storage when it failed, but now the boss thinks that there is some important data on the drive. It may have been in storage for about 9 months. I put it all together, but when I turn on the computer, I get an error, or two errors. The first error is that there is a Boot Failure, so it is struggling to find the data that it needs from the hard drive. I have tried to press F8 to get the computer going, and it says NTDLE File Missing. This is not a problem I come across in my IT role, so I don’t know what it means.


I recently decided to do a cleanup of my Gateway computer, as it had been sitting around with too much data on it for a while. I cleaned out some of the data which was on an old partition, and then moved onto the data in folders which I use on a regular basis. I opened each folder, and went through the files. I highlighted each file I wanted to delete, and put it into the bin. I did this for all of the folders, until I got to an important work folder. I thought that I had skipped over this, but when I went back into the folder directory, I saw that this folder was missing. I thought that I might have deleted it by accident, and so I went to my Recycling bin. There were lots of files in there, and I deleted some of these ‘permanently’ to clear a bit of space. Before I was too far into this process, I realised that I was deleting the contents of the work folder. I don’t know how it happened. But I have now lost quite a few important files which are essential for my work.

Professional Samsung Data Recovery

If you are having problems accessing the data on your Samsung hard drive then the first thing that you should do is to give one of our Samsung recovery experts a call so that you can get started recovering your data. Our experts can provide a diagnosis of what is wrong with your drive in most cases over the phone so you will be able to find out how serious a problem you have. Some access problems can be resolved relatively easily yourself, but most require the attention of a recovery expert in order to ensure that your data is recovered and is not damaged. As part of the phone service we offer we not only diagnose the disk and give you advice over the phone, we also provide you with a quote for the cost and the amount of time it will take to fully recover your data.

There are various different reasons why a hard drive either crashes or becomes unresponsive. If the operating system develops a fault, perhaps through a corruption in the registry or an error that is introduced in an update, it is possible to lose access to your storage. It is also possible that you will find that the stored data has become corrupted, perhaps through exposure to extreme temperatures, after infection by a virus, or after a firmware crash. It is also possible to see damage and corruption of files after exposure to an electrical spike.

There are also cases where data is accidentally deleted, which can happen for various reasons. This can either be individual files or it can be everything contained on a hard disk if a drive is formatted. While it is sometimes possible for you to retrieve this type of data yourself, there is a risk of damaging the data by carrying out a process that isn’t suitable for the specific file system that you have or for the type of drive that you are using.

We have experience of recovering data from all Samsung internal hard drives. Some of the most common model numbers that we see are HM080HC, HS040HB, HD120HJ, HD300LD, HD400LD and HD120HJ, but we can deal with any model that you are having a problem with.

It is always sensible to look at the cost of restoring the data that you have lost. If it is only a very small amount that can be relatively easily recreated then perhaps there is little value in recovering the lost data. If the data that has been lost is unique, photos for example, or there is a large quantity, perhaps in the form of business financial records spanning a number of years, then it makes financial, and perhaps also sentimental, sense to have the data from a disk recovered by a professional. We offer a number of levels of service, all of them offering the same high-quality recovery service, the only difference is the amount of time it will take to complete the job.