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Maxtor Recovery Can Save Your Files


I have an old Dell Inspiron which I have been using for many years. Recently, it asked me to install an update for Windows 7 and since the update I cannot boot into Windows to access my data. I rang the Dell support, and they helped me to troubleshoot, but it is still an endless problem to what was working fine until the updates were installed. The Dell people suggested that there was a problem with the hard drive, and offered to replace it for a charge.


I have been using an old Dell Desktop which has been operating Windows 98 for as long as I have used it. I decided that it was time for a major clear-up, and as I wanted to try and reinstall some of the drivers, I went around deleting unused items, and names and files. I also went on to try and change the dial-up account which came with the system, and replace it with a wireless connection. Somehow, in all of this deleting and changing, I have managed to delete the admin account which allowed me to get into the system and contains all mu user data!

Maxtor Recovery Can Save Your Files

There are many different types of hard drive used within computers and Maxtor drives are one of the most popular to use as internal hard drives. As with all internal hard drives there is always a slight risk that something will happen that will lead to your data becoming inaccessible. There are two main types of event that can occur that will affect your data accessibility. The first of these is user error and is most often seen in the form of accidentally deleted files, either through accidental formatting of a drive or partition, or through direct deletion of files. The second is a physical problem with the drive that can include a mechanical failure, physical damage caused by impact or also damage caused by a spike in the electrical power supply.

While many of these problems may seem to provide an insurmountable barrier to recovering your data and files, in reality there are a number of tools and techniques that can be used to recover the maximum amount of data from your damaged system. While some of these techniques can be carried out yourself using software that is freely available on the internet, you would be well-advised to gain some expert advice before you embark upon your data recovery. If you call one of our data recovery experts you can get a diagnosis about the exact problems that are causing your data inaccessibility that can then assist you in making further decisions about your data recovery. Our advice is free so there is no excuse to start attempting data recovery without some additional advice, which can potentially make the situation worse and in the worst case scenario can damage your drive or data beyond the point of recovery.

If you think you may wish to get our experts to recover your data for you we can provide you with a quote over the phone that will outline the costs and timescales for each of our different services. You are in no way obligated to use the service, but you should remember that we have 14 years worth of experience in the data recovery industry and a success rate of around 99% in recovering 100% of data from devices.

If you have a Maxtor drive that needs recovering we have previous experience in recovering data from a number of different models. We have dealt with a lot of Maxtor Diamond Max 8, 9 and 10 hard disks, but also have experience with models such as the 6Y160M0, 6Y080I0 and the 7H500R0, to name but three.

You will find that our costs are highly competitive when compared with those of our competitors, but also that we also offer a very high quality service. We will never damage your original disks because we take images of the disks that we are working on so that the original is left fully intact and all of our work is carried out on the image, just in case something should go wrong during the recovery process.