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Why Should a Data Recovery Company use a Clean Room?


I have been given an older Toshiba A70 laptop in the hope that I might be able to recover data contained in the hard drive. When it is turned on, there is a blue screen of death appearing right after the OS loading screen appears. The message says ‘unmountable boot drive error’, and then a series of numbers. I tried to boot the OS from the disks which my friend had, but he was not sure if they were the right disks for this laptop, as he has several computers. I then tried to repair the boot using CHKDSK, but there is only 20% progress, and then it reboots into nothingness. There is no mention of problems being fixed, and no errors either. I ran a fixboot program, too, but it only told me that it had written to a new boot program, and then shut down. We would like to recover some files on the drive.


I have an old laptop, the Toshiba Satellite P750, and I am often having to deal with Blue Screens of Death. These give out different messages, being either Kernal Data inpage error, or Critical Process Died. I phoned a repair company, and they suggested that the hard drive was probably dead. Replacing hard disk is no good to me as I can’t afford to lose the data which is on the hard drive.

Why Should a Data Recovery Company use a Clean Room?

Clean Room Overview
Many professional data recovery services utilize clean rooms during their data recovery process. Clean rooms may vary in size and construction but they all serve the same purpose which is to minimize the amount of contaminants which enter and exit the clean room. Many measures and precautions are taken to maintain the air quality and cleanliness of a clean room.

Maintaining a Clean Room
Contaminants can be caused by many things such as people, facilities, tools or fluids. Contamination can be reduced if not eliminated by following the proper safety procedures. In order to prevent or reduce contamination the air which enters the clean room is continuously filtered by a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) or ultra-low penetration air (ULPA) filter to eliminate any contaminants which have been generated inside of the clean room. Also, some clean room equipment is designed to reduce the amount of air contamination.

Clean Room Certification
When choosing a data recovery company you should make sure the professional data recovery company possess a clean room certification. All clean rooms that hold a certification are classified based on the quality of the air within their room. Many data recovery companies have not yet been clean room classified. Please contact professional data recovery services who have been clean air classified to ensure you are receiving the best care for your product. The classification number is solely based on the particle size and number per air volume of the clean room. Two of the most common types of classifications are class 100 and class 1000. However, the classification number can range from 1 to 100,000.00. To verify that the company has truly been clean room certified you can ask to see their certification. The company’s clean room should be re-certified or updated each month.

Why a Clean Room Should Be Used in Data Recovery
A clean room should be used in the data recovery process to prevent damage to your hard drive. Professional data recovery companies have to take several safety precautions while in the clean room. They have to wear a safety suits to reduce shock and contamination amongst other safety protocols. Once your drive cover is removed your drive platters become vulnerable to contamination by dust and dirt particles among other elements within the recovery room. If the data recovery room is not clean and a dust or dirt particle lands on the hard drive platter it can cause the hard drive to crash once it is powered on.

If the hard drive is not diagnosed in a clean room there is a great risk for data loss. When choosing a data recovery company it is important that only certified and experienced data recovery technicians assist with your data recovery. Also, you should ensure that data recovery tools that are specifically designed for data recovery are used in the data recovery process. Professional data recovery tools should be used during the data recovery process not just any tools which could cause further damage to the drive.