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Netgear Data Recovery Will Restore Those Precious Files


Hello. I am currently trying to sort out an odd problem with my Netgear SC101, which uses two Seagate 300gb drives. I have used the software, and added the device into my system, so the network can see it and the DMU can see it. However, once I had finished installing the software, I started to look for the drive using that program, and it can’t find it. In fact, the report that it sent me is not clear, and so I don’t know exactly what has gone wrong, but it seems as though one of the Seagate drives crashed inside the Netgear. I didn’t believe the report, because I had only just set it up, so I attached the SC101 to another computer. There, I could see the drive, format it and create partitions, just as usual. I tried using a program to view the drives, and suddenly the software found it. Then, at my moment of triumph, the software crashed. Now, when I use the device, the SC101 just crashes one drive, while the other is available, but seems to have no GB available. Is there any way that the data can be recovered?


I am trying to solve a problem with a Netgear SC101 which was mirrored some time ago. I have been using the device successfully for some time, complete with a pair of hard drives which were partitioned in order to create the mirror. I think this is standard practice? This worked well, and I have saved a lot of data onto the drives. However, when I try to install the unit onto the network, so that I can manage it through my computer, it is appearing without the working partitions. I have attempted to clone the SC101 and its drives, and used some data recovery programs in order to rescue my files, but it seems as though all the data has been completely scrambled when it is opened up. The computer seems to be having trouble with it, I’m getting error messages about not being able to read into memory? However, when I use the SC101 utility program, I can see the partition, and clearly access it. The files are not available when I use the UT program, so I can’t read them.

Netgear Data Recovery Will Restore Those Precious Files

Netgear external drives are very popular as additional computer storage as well as for back-up storage. This is because the drives are suitable both as a standalone drive, but can also be used in a multiple drive RAID array. Some of the Netgear systems that we have seen and recovered recently are the ReadyNAS 1000S, the ReadyNAS3100, the ReadyNAS4200 and the ReadyNAS NV+. Although we have quoted specific systems here we are able to recover data from any Netgear system.

Netgear, like many other manufacturers, continue to develop their external hard drives so that there is a greater read/write speed, so that storage volumes continue to increase and also so that physical size of the hard drives continues to shrink. With the huge storage capacity many people rely on a single system in order to back up all of their files, whether they be business files or personal files. In many cases this then means that the back-up drive can be a single point of failure if the files that are stored on it are not also stored on the originating computer.

The ease with which external hard drives can be configured means that specialised file systems can be implemented with little background knowledge, which can make the management of files simpler, but it may also lead to the probability of failure being higher if care is not taken to implement all of the required controls. Another point to remember about external hard drives is that they are usually an instant access drive and so files can be created and deleted with great ease, with the emphasis on the deletion. It is not difficult to accidentally delete files and operating systems now provide a much greater level of protection against this particular method of losing access to files, but should an entire hard drive, or partition, get deleted then recovery is not so simple.

Accidental deletion is not the only way that files become inaccessible. There are many other ways of causing damage to the files. If a virus is contracted this can cause significant corruption to the files that are stored on the system before it is removed. Due to the ever changing viral threat it is not possible to state a particular level of damage that viruses in general cause as some will be far more disruptive than others. Physical impacts, environmental factors, especially water, electrical faults and mechanical faults will all also affect the data that is held on the hard drive.

If you are in the position where you have an external Netgear hard drive, which you cannot access for some reason, then give us a call. We have 14 years of experience in recovering data and plenty of experience in recovering from Netgear hard drives. Our experts can provide you with a diagnosis of your problem over the phone in the vast majority of cases, in some cases they may need to carry out a physical investigation of the drive. You are under no obligation to use us to recover your data in either case, but we offer high-quality data recovery for very competitive prices.