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Get Your Data Back In One Piece with Iomega Data Recovery


I have been using the Iomega Professional hard drive for less than a year, but recently it has been causing me some problems. Firstly, it has developed the habit of disconnecting without warning when I am updating something to the drive. The USB cables are still plugged in, but the computer will stop recognising the hard drive, and I have to go into Disk manager in order to get it back. This means that any data which is being uploaded to the hard drive is incomplete, and as I have been using the Iomega Professional as a way to store files, including photographs, music and other essentials, I have now lost the majority of my data. As I wanted to protect the data which was left, I attempted to get the information back onto my computer. In so doing, I discovered that a number of files, particularly photographs of dead family members, had been lost from both my computer’s hard drive, and the Iomega Professional. This data loss is a serious blow to me, and I am hoping that I can find a way to recover all of this information.


I have been using the Iomega eGo for about a year now, but have discovered a serious problem which is preventing me from accessing the data I have saved in the drive. It began as a simple update, with the message “Updating status”. This would normally take a few minutes at best. However, this message stayed on the screen for a long while, until finally it said “0 Restore Points Available”. I did not know what this meant, and so I tried to reboot the system. None of these reboots was successful, and I have somehow lost all my information during one of those attempts. I searched for information, and found that the drivers could now be corrupted, because it stopped updating in the middle of the process. I am missing a lot of important files and folders which were all in the hard drive before it started the update. I don’t know now whether those files are still in existence ‘somewhere’ in the Iomega hard drive, or if they are completely lost.

Get Your Data Back In One Piece with Iomega Data Recovery

There is a definite trend in that as computer storage systems get larger people find more and more data to store on them. There are a couple of disadvantages to this; the first being that the entirety of someone’s data can be stored on a single device and so it becomes a single point of failure, and the second being that people generally keep more information that often has a sentimental attachment as well as having an overall time and cost value. Iomega external hard drives are the perfect example of the type of large volume storage that people use to back-up their important documents and photos on a regular basis.

Iomega external hard drives, although they are easy to format, easy to use and highly portable, making them very flexible devices, still need to have a level of file management on them, otherwise you will increase your chances of running into problems if the drive crashes.

External hard drives are generally pretty robust these days as they have been designed to cope with the general use of the modern computer user. These drives are also flexible in terms of their usage; they are easy to format and to configure so that a specific file system is used or so that the drive is partitioned perhaps between business and personal use. This ease of configuring the device also translates across into error introduction as it is also possible to introduce an error into the system relatively easily, which can cause problems in the accessing and utilisation of the data that is stored on there.

The portability of external drives also means that they are subjected to a wide range of conditions that may have an adverse effect on them or on the data contained on them. When out and about drives can be knocked around, they can be subjected to vibrations from trains and planes, and they can also be subjected to environmental conditions such as rain, strong sun and maybe even ice, that could damage them.

Viruses can also cause a lot of corruption if they manage to infect a system, although obviously some are much more destructive than others. But no matter what the cause of the hard drive problems that you are having, you are highly likely to want to recover your data.

There are many different models that are made by Iomega and we are able to recover data from any of them. Some of the models that we have worked on recently include the Prestige series, the eGo series, the Ultramax and Minimax, and also other types of media drives.

Even if you think that you can recover the data yourself you would be well-advised to give one of our Iomega experts a call. They will be able to talk through your problem to confirm your diagnosis and also to discuss the way ahead. If you are thinking about sending the disk to us to recover for you we can also provide you with a quote for costs and timescales that you are under no obligation to proceed with.