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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Iomega Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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Iomega External Hard Disk – Common Failures we receive in for Recovery:

Iomega External Hard Disk failure can happen for several different reasons. Iomega drives can be dropped, data deleted by accident, reformatted by mistake, not show up on computer when connected via USB cable, disk is making clicking noises. If your Iomega system has any of these problems it is important to have a professional look at your disk. We have 15 years experience in recovering data from damaged Iomega hard drives. Below is a list of the most common Iomega Hard Drive Failures we receive in for data recovery:

Iomega External Hard Disk Physical or Mechanical Failures:

Iomega External Hard Disk mechanical failure is very common for external hard drives. As external hard drives are not based inside a computer they are prone to getting moved about and in the process they can suffer knocks and falls. Clicking noises are common place for an external drive and means the hard disk has suffered a read/write head failure. Beeping noises or also a common fault of external hard disks and means there is a problem with the motor that spins the disk platters inside the external hard disk casing. We are Iomega External Hard Drive Experts. If you have a problem with your Iomega external disk give us a call for some professional advice>

Iomega External Hard Disk PCB Problems:

Iomega External Hard Disk PCB can fail for a number of different reasons. The PCB is the components on a hard disk that get it to spin up etc. Water damage is a good example of damage to PCB circuit chips and thus your Iomega external hard drive will not spin up and be completely dead.

Iomega External Hard Disk Firmware Failure:

Iomega External hard disk firmware is a piece of software that resides on chips on the PCB or resides on the disk platters or both. The firmware software operates the hard drive and gives its parameters such as disk make and model, disk capacity etc. Over the years there has been numerous drives that have had high percentage firmware failures, Maxtor Diamond Max 8 drives, Fujitsu MPG drives, Seagate 7200.11 drives etc. If your disk seems to be running okay but is not getting recognised by your computer or is displaying incorrect capacity then it probably has a firmware issue. We have the latest hardware to recover data from firmware damaged drives, we have a very large database of firmware software to re-flash firmware damaged disks.

Iomega External Hard Disk is getting recognised but Freezing Computer:

Iomega External Hard Disk getting recognised and doing everything it should be doing except allowing you access to your data is the most common problem we receive in for data recovery. This normally means your external hard disk is degrading. An external disk that is degrading normally means that the sectors where your data is stored are going bad and as a result the computer cannot read your hard drive and thus freezes your computer. We have the latest and greatest sector imaging machines on the market. We have the highest data recovery rate for this type of problem in England.

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